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We've marveled at our world
And wondered what the reasons
And speculated what the end will be
You've squandered what you had
And tore apart its resolve
And now you see the end begins with me

And now we have our answers
And they're not what we were told:
The rapturous ending we were promised from the beginning

It's cold and bright
What we were told, it isn't right

And now we lay our heads to rest
And pray to what we believe in
We say our silent words in hopes
That this is not the end

You were put the test
And turned away from all reason
The violent ways of man
Will reap what it deserves

And now we have our answers
And it's not what we were told
No second coming, no out-of-body
Those promises were broken

It's cold and bright
We can't see for all the light
What we were told, it isn't right
We can't see the endless night


from Event Horizon EP, released February 18, 2014



all rights reserved


Isotopes Waycross, Georgia

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